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TekkitNoodle - Staff Applications
  • Every new staff application is automatically un-approved/moderated so that only yourself and admins can see your application. This is to prevent people from copying applications to help structure their own application. It is also to prevent players from commenting on applications other than their own.
Application Status:
  • Staff applications are currently: OPEN!
  • Application Format: HERE.
by Ryan 2.0 at 4:23 PM
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TekkitNoodle - Changelog #02
Hello Noodles, below is a changelog to sum up some of the changes made recently.

Note: Some of these changes may only be applied on the next server reboot.

New Additions:

  • Death messages customized.
  • /staff - See if there is any staff online.
  • Donator /sethome's fixed. See bottom of the thread.
  • NoodleLottery - A highly requested lottery has been added. do /lottery in-game.
  • New players will receive food in their kit.
  • /kit starter - Been updated with new items.
  • New players will receive $500 as their default balance.
  • /kit food -...
by Ryan 2.0 at 9:11 PM
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TekkitNoodle - Monthly Changelog #01

Seeing as there is going to be a lot of new changes, fixes, etc. I thought the best option would be to create a changelog every month which will include everything from: Staff Changes, Bug Fixes, Approved Suggestions, etc.

Note: We DO NOT support name changes.

Staff Application Status:

  • Closed.

Bug Fixes:
  • REP + Deployer Bug Fixed
  • Black Hold Band + Energy Condenser Bug Fixed
  • Bypassing PVP with REP Bug Fixed.
  • Certain items including: World Anchor & Duplicator can no longer be...
by Ryan 2.0 at 5:42 PM
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TekkitNoodle - Impending Map Reset
Hello Noodlers,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, I'm currently running the server while Ryan 1.0 is at University. If you have any problems, feel free to PM me on this forum or message me in-game.

So, the map reset, this one was needed due to the amount of corrupted chunks and lack of clean land. There is a lot of terrain grief and the economy isn't in it's best shape.

Below is a summary of what is new:

  • World2 was removed.
  • For every minute you're online, you earn $1. (/warp atm)
  • Auto-Restart has been added to reduce lag - the server restarts every 8 hours.
  • A world will be soon added so you can build without the lag of factories. This world will be limited to towns and aesthetic builds.
  • Every item is now unbanned.
  • Players with...
by NoodleNetworks at 12:38 AM
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The server will be down for a few hours while we perform some maintenance.

Updates will soon follow! This includes someone who is taking over the server while I'm at university...

Thank you,

Ryan <3
by NoodleNetworks at 7:46 PM
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I am pleased to announce that a new world has been released. This is a complete fresh start for ALL players. All ranks, time played, donation ranks, money etc have been reset. You are able to access this new world by doing /world2. If you want to get back to the original map, you can by doing /survival.

This new world has 0 banned items. This means that nothing is banned and you are free to use anything you wish.

I'll keep you updated with any other changes made. I have also fixed the vote link on both worlds. Over the next few weeks the other main server will eventually have 0 banned items. Just fixing a few other things there first.

Thank you to cyclops29 over at ModdedNetwork for helping me out and providing a lot of fixes!

Ryan & NoodleNetworks Team <3
by NoodleNetworks at 11:32 AM
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0 Banned items coming soon...

watch this thread for more information coming soon!
by FreddoFoo at 4:08 PM
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Hello everyone, FreddoFoo here,

I have made this thread for the soul purpose of some research and information gathering. What would you guys like to see on a new TekkitNoodle map? If you have any ideas, please post them on this thread, and we shall look at them as possible improvements to the server. Be it a spawn design idea, or a simple request, all will be read and considered.

We look forward to looking at your ideas,

TekkitNoodle Staff Team :)
by Thomas Hickford at 6:08 AM
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Hey Guys and Girls, it's TheBrokenGamer15 here.

We've recently opened a Discord server for NoodleNetworks. The server is open to all, you just need a link to join. The link is:

The server offers a variety of ranks; donators, staff ranks, and normal ranks. Don't worry, you don't need to buy anything to gain the rank, just talk me and I can put the required rank onto your user.

As some of you were probably drawn in by the title, I will be looking for staff to moderate this server. I'm wanting people who will talk to others, and are responsible enough to manage the chat servers. These people will not necessarily be current staff. If you want to be a staff member for the Discord server please post a small application below.

Check out Discord here:
by NoodleNetworks at 11:19 AM
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This is a note for anyone thinking to change their name and wanting there donation rank back. It has come to a point where a lot of old people are coming back with their in game name name changed or new accounts created. It is becoming a lot of work to transfer the ranks over due to not having half of buycraft's details due to an account change in 2014. Also, searching through our group manager adjusting ranks can cause other people to be demoted if they use /ar check to be promoted. This being said, if you change your name or create a new account, I won't be able to transfer your rank anymore. However, I'm willing to do it till the end of the month (30th June).

Thank you,

Ryan <3